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Bible Felts

Today with an array of Bible Felts available, we have an opportune time to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the historical scope of God’s plan found within the Bible. Not only will children develop verbal language skills by participating in Bible felt board stories; But more importantly, they'll hear spiritual lessons and gain understanding of Bible truths which will make them wise unto salvation. That's what teaching the Scripture to children is all about!

When you begin teaching Bible stories with the use of a felt board, here are three educational benefits that will take place within your students.

  1. Encourages the child's enjoyment to learn biblical accounts. 
  2. Inspires children to retell the story, aiding in the development of speech skills.
  3. The process of story sequence drills teaches children early literacy skills.

Bible felt characters are colorful, durable and soft to handle making them a #1 choice for reusable Sunday School teaching materials. Learn more how Bible felts can be a Hands-On Learning Bible Curriculum for Sunday School Lessons.