Easily Teach The Life of Jesus Christ
In Chronological Order
Using Bible Felt Story Pictures

Picture His-Story is a fun activity that helps you teach children the New Testament biblical accounts.
Children will instantly visualize key events of the life of Jesus Christ and in chronological order. Starting with John the Baptist's birth and ending with Jesus' great commission, both teachers and students will easily reinforce their study skills by harmonizing the gospel in a fun and engaging way.

Gospel Harmony Activity Set...
Fun Bible Study Tool that Teaches Children to Search the Scripture.

Each felt pictorial links together a New Testament event through the skill-building activity of flashcard learning. Plus with the added bonus of referring it back to its Bible text location(s). 

This unique Picture His-Story activity mat has four areas to explore.  Starting with the file folder titled: Today's Assignment help your child search the Scriptures, to answer these important questions: Who? What? When? & Where?  Use the corresponding Bible story picture, to discuss key points of the event.  Lay out the Scripture location(s) and look-up the story's account using your own Bible.  Also, there is a time line and map to pin-point the story's sequence and locale. 

Study with your children.  Use Picture His-Story to springboard into the Scriptures!  With fun repetition, children ages 6-10 will gain a valuable Bible study skill.  They'll become better acquainted with God's word, plus be able to search the Scriptures for themselves.

Choose From Two Bible Felt Sets

Whether you need a Beginner Set or Advanced we have you covered!  Each set includes a 20x14 felt activity mat, timeline and map pointer, plus a book, chapter, verse quick reference outline. 

The beginner set has 12 key Bible story events and the advanced set comes with a large amount of 52. 
Determine how many you'd like to study with your child and choose the best option for your teaching situation!  Both felt sets are beneficial and affordable.

Take a Closer Look at What You'll Get...

Bible Story Pictures in Chronological Order

Below is a list of all 52 felt Bible Story pictures included in the Advance Set.  
The Beginner's Set is marked with an asterisk.
(Please know that printing on felt does cause image colors to vary.)
Illustrations by E.S. Hardy, William Hole & More!

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